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Gioielleria Esposito - Esposito jewelry in Naples


An established twenty years experience...

The Gioielleria Esposito is located in corso Meridionale 22/25b, it is among the most famous and important jewelry stores in Naples and Campania. A prestigious and well known reality now established that carries on business for over twenty years in the very center of Naples. It was the founder Gaetano to open a small jewelry shop in Naples and over time, his passion was followed with dedication even from his sons, every day, devoting love and recognition to their customers. Starting from a small company, in the time he has come to the opening of many jewelry stores in Naples, all located in corso Meridionale, each one specialized in the sale of precious items. In corso Meridionale the esposito jewelry company has opened four different shops, each one specialized in products and accessories for every occasion. The jewelry Esposito deals with the sale of jewelry, Antigua specializes in the sale of watches and accessories, while the sale of wedding favors and gift shop is specific to the Esposito favors. Also in corso Meridionale was inaugurated Outlet Esposito with the sale of all the products in the stores of the Esposito family at affordable and extremely competitive prices. The jewelry Esposito is able to offer through its own retail, even favors and confetti for every occasion, as well as gift items carefully selected and targeted to achieve a viable franchise formula, offering unique services and constant demand. The Jewelry Esposito in Naples is now well known in the whole Campania jewerly trade market for extremely competitive prices and the ability to offer jewelry and other precious items for every target and occasion. Our loyal customers are following with interest the frequent renewals designed to consistently satisfy them with continuous innovations by providing a dynamic and advanced service.The mission of Esposito Jewelry in Naples is to offer each customer the most suitable jewel for every occasion. The vision with which every day the chain of jewelery Esposito is managed focuses on the dynamics of the service making the Jewellery Esposito a unique place where the celebration of any recurrence takes shape with the careful search of the most suitable object. The Jewelry Esposito is also present, with an own structure, at the TARI '(Marcianise CE), one of the most prestigious jewelers' centers in Europe.



Team Esposito Gioielli

Every day the team of Gioielleria Esposito is looking for new products, unique jewels, offers and valuable items to offer always the best quality at the lowest prices.


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